Increase Your Efficiency and Capacity for Rapidly Changing Markets

Improve your delivery service levels at scale while boosting efficiency and revenue.

Whether you want to increase order volume capacity, better manage contractors and drivers, or improve your dispatch and routing, our cloud platform has got you covered.

Scale Up and Optimize Your Logistics Operations

Bringg helps logistics leaders like you scale up and optimize your delivery services for optimal efficiency and the best price, speed, control and experience for both shippers and consignees.

From improving route efficiency, to automating dispatch and reducing call center volume, our cloud platform empowers you to do more with your resources. Global delivery and logistics leaders trust our front and back-end applications to maintain their chain of custody and provide premium, competitive services.


Core Capabilities for LSPs

Real-time tracking across first, middle and last miles

Automated self scheduling and rescheduling

Innovative delivery and returns management

TMS, WMS, CRM and commerce platform integrations with open API

A trusted technology partner for companies like you

The Bringg Advantage

Quality at Scale

Proven ability to improve logistics performance and agility at massive scale

Deep Experience

Enterprise retail and logistics experience, with the tech capabilities to orchestrate complex logistics operations at scale

Open & Flexible Platform

Modular platform designed to integrate with, and adapt to, your changing needs

Partners in Growth

Local success management advise and assist, improving your performance at every stage.

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